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How to get results with digital marketing

Winning is about getting customers! To win you must follow a consistent winning approach.

There are so many digital tools out there today, so you need a tested approach to put together a successful combination for your campaign. More importantly, you need to deliver results,

Underpinning this approach is a solid MEAUSUREMENT AND ASSESSMENT plan to gauge performance.

Over the years we have developed a four step approach that has helped our clients achieve their business objectives. This is what we do and do very well. Here is the four step approach that delivers result:

1. Marketing and Technology assessment: This is a MUST if you want to run a successful program or campaign. This is like an audit of available tools to get the job done.

Questions like this must be answered with clients before the start of engagement: - What is revenue objective for the year? - How many customers are they looking to acquire? - What type of clients are they looking for - Do they currently have a social media presence? Which one? And what do they use it for - Do they have a website? Any business looking to WIN must have a website. No ifs and buts about this.

And if they have a website, it must focus on driving results. The key purpose of the website is to convert visitors into paying customers. For instance, a quick website audit must answer the following questions: - Is it a responsive website? (meaning does it show well on all devices – PC, Tablet and mobile phones) - Is site content relevant? - Is there any Call to action on the site? - How easy is it to navigate?

This step helps you better understand your client’s business and see if the right marketing technology is in place to get results.

2. Development of objectives, strategy and plan: This is of course the next thing to do, once you have a better understanding of client’s business and gaps in digital marketing process. You set SMART objectives, craft winning strategies and put together a plan that can be measured over time. You create performance indicators to measure success.

3. Execution of recommended digital activities: This is where some digital marketers start their engagement with clients. Clients are simply given a menu of shiny objects to choose from. The latest and coolest digital tool or the flavor of the month. This is a recipe for failure.

Digital marketing is NOT about recommending the latest tools/technology for clients. Rather, it’s about assessing clients' marketing challenges and figuring out how to achieve business objectives. Following an idepth analysis of the business problem, you then select the RIGHT comnination of SOLUTION or TECHNOLOGY to solve the problem.

Execution becomes flawless once steps 1 and 2 are successfully completed.

4. Marketing activity reporting and insight generation: Deliver monthly reporting and carry out analysis to provide insight on overall business and marketing performance ROI. The end game and the most important step in this approach.

Digital marketing is about numbers not beautiful looking creative pieces. Don’t let creative determine the fate of your digital marketing. NUMBERS must be the thing that guides your decisions.

Your digital marketing campaigns is designed for one purpose: to bring in customers and generate a return on investment. THAT IS ALL!

The upside with numbers, is you can know if the campaign succeeded or failed. And if it failed, you will know why and can decide what to change next time.


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